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Šaldova 28
186 00 Praha 8
mobil: +420 603 823 074
tel: +420 222 948 656
Grill Party
sport & relax
Hotel Loreta
Hotel Loreta The Loreta Hotel is placed in one of the most picturesque parts of Prague, on the Loretánské Náměstí in Prague 1 – Hradčany – Prague Castle.

Amount of people: 30 - 100

Price per person including all services
(welcome drink, food, drinks, printed menu or invitation card, rent and service)
1 990,- CZK

Canapés with vegetable soufflé and orange butter, Canapés with liver pâté
Marinated chicken breast with fennel
Smoked beef tongue with bamboo sprouts and black sauce
Turkey roulade with almonds filling
Roast beef with variation of cold sauces
Tomatoes filled with mozzarella and basilicum
Baron of veal à la Bellevue

Salad from sea foods
Salad from herring with young onions, potatoes and yoghurt
Smoked salmon with lemon, olives and capers
Salad from squids
Smoked halibut with asparagus dip
Scorpa – shrimps in dinghy
Salad from mussels with light curry mayonnaise

Salted cheese sticks, Corn nachos

Young green salad with croutons, vinaigrette
Salad from baked marrow squash, peppers and aubergine
Tomato salad with coriander and lemon
Salad from sweet-sour red beet with mint yoghurt
Vienna’s potato salad without mayonnaise

Fillet of veal filled with chicken liver on butter sauce,
Lyonnais potatoes or cabbage cakes
Chicken steak with asparagus sauce, potato gnocchi
Pork on grill with mozzarella salad and basilicum on Porto wine,
spinach gnocchi
Niva, Gouda, Brie Reverend, Carré aux herbes,
Rambol with nuts, Blaťácké zlato, Chavroux

Fruit salad with pears, honey melon, strawberries and bananas
Fruit baskets with fresh fruits

Yoghurt slice with kiwi
Profiteroles with lemon-mint cream
Tartlets with fruits
Chocolate roulade
Yellow egg ring

summer - welcome drink
soft drinks, beer and wines
coffee & tea

Please contact us for more informations and request or use our

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