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Šaldova 28
186 00 Praha 8
mobil: +420 603 823 074
tel: +420 222 948 656
Grill Party
sport & relax

FOX-KA agency 6 500,- CZK / actor

False waiters

They are professionals. They do their job perfectly, they are accurate, trustful, know everything about their work. They look exactly like the original ones for the first moment – only their job is a little bit different. They will serve you a fun in small pieces. They will make you happy around your party. They know it very well… Enjoy your meal and have a fun!

False waiter        False waiter        False waiter

False security

Mostly standing by the entrance. They look hard and not very openly. They have a heavy training behind and also hours of never ending hard work. After all of that they can go to the real life… By the control are no compromising but they will take out of your pockets strange things which you would never expect to have with you. They can check everything and nothing will go around them… But immediately everybody recognize that there is something different…

False security

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Home   |   About company   |   Contact forms   |   News   |   Special offers   |   References